Acupuncture -? A Cure For Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)



I am 41, British, and have had Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) all my life adult. I do not remember when I felt the first twinges, so it must have been gradual. My paternal grandmother suffered from restless legs syndrome. I remember, when visiting grandparents in Birmingham (United Kingdom) as a child, Nana would mention this mysterious “fidgets” (as she called them) kept her awake at night. I would remove her slippers and give her inexpert foot massage, she always said made her feel better. However, I suspect that she was sparing my feelings, as in my experience rarely massage brings relief. Indeed, when I have a particularly bad spell, I have to resist the urge to cut off wayward Bolton!

So it is Restless Leg Syndrome? Very briefly, it is an overwhelming urge to move in order to get rid of very uncomfortable feeling, outlined against the creeping, itchy, antsy feeling, to name a few. As the legs, the condition can also affect the feet, ankles and / or wrists (and no doubt other areas as well) when they are at rest. So it can be when you’re trying to sleep, distract you when you are in the movie, read a book, a plane, a desk or table with a meal. It disappears when you’re active – walking, jogging, baking, hanging clothes on the line, etc.

So in my case it is genetic – my father also suffer from restless leg syndrome, which means my younger brother. My dad likes it in his ankles, my brother in her wrists and me to my feet. Dad only gets it when watching TV, strangely enough. I do it at night, and when it is particularly bad, I get little or no sleep. Luckily my partner has not stomped out of the bedroom in search of a more restful sleep partner. Oftentimes, though, I move the couch for the night.

MY RLS symptoms worsen

I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand Syndrome has been particularly bad in April, the hottest month of the year. Despite air conditioning, I have also begun to feel it in my wrists. I tried reflexology (foot massage), but it was agony. The horror massagers’ my legs would jump out of their hands that crawl perception caused by kneading them became intolerable. What was supposed to be a relaxing time regularly changed ordeal. I think that the meeting helped at first, but I got to be afraid of them and so I dropped them altogether. It was doubly off-putting to see my partner fall asleep Reflexology session his wake and stretch an hour later, quickly bore his shoe back on and walk jauntily back to the bustling street, whistling through his teeth. I felt like a ragged doll. My only consolation was that wretched my feet now felt as smooth and soft as (surely) the day I was born.

Things get when I started to get the fidgets during the day. This is the time when I usually catch up on my sleep, but a few days ago this was impossible. I was very concerned indeed, especially since the symptoms can worsen with age. My partner went surfing the internet to find out more (I stopped bothering and something I read about the subject until the cause of syndromes to be unknown incurable). My buddy finally found the testimony of female sufferers in the UK acupuncture sessions have cured her condition. “Light” because she says her fidgets not flare up occasionally, and she will be going back to a single treatment. After further search, my partner came up with the name Doctor Petch Christian McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai (Christian it was founded in 1889 by Presbyterian missionaries and named after Mrs. Cyruss McCormick Chicago funded the main hospital building in 1925). Dr Petch is described as offering ‘very valued acupuncture service for walk-in patients. “Furthermore, she studied in China and” its control of medical related English is excellent. “

Unfortunately, when we went to McCormick hospital to see Dr Petch we found acupuncture unit is fully renovated, and were then told that it would only start April 19 (2010). It was too long for me to wait, and the nurse laid Ramkhamhaeng Hospital (referred to locally as “RAM”) in Chiang Mai. We drove by there on our motorcycle and I recorded a lot of reception. I filled out the form, handed my passport over to photocopy, and was addressed to the surgical table., where I made an appointment to see an acupuncturist, Dr. Tosa Porn Wittayakhom, at 11 o’clock in the morning I was sure the doctor spoke good English It was all very efficient – .. the whole thing took 15 minutes I was once told that I could get to order the same afternoon; I refused, though – my partner and I were hot and sweaty and thirsty at this time, and we just wanted to cool off in the pool with a good smoothie

ENERGY-boosting ACUPUNCTURE meeting

April 6, 2010

I introduced me to the surgery table at 10:45 in the morning, and was immediately taken away to the road (which I could have done without – I had just finished breakfast), and have my blood pressure taken. I was then escorted to the office of Dr Tosa Porn is promptly at 11am, where he spent 15 minutes asking me questions, a nurse sitting in. He said I was the first patient to come to him for restless legs syndrome, and although he knew of the syndrome he had never been asked to treat it. As he had read up on the condition of further appointments were delayed until April 8th.

Like I would not go empty-handed (as it was), I asked him to give me a session to increase my energy (I was drooping with heat). I went to the bed directly and lay on his back. He put the needle on top of my head and behind my ears, stomach, calves and feet, and stimulate four of needles in my leg rather some sort of electrical pulses, which I’ve never seen before. The doctor left me there for 20 minutes, came back, accompanied by a nurse and carefully remove the needles, disinfection of each area he went. He told me that I should feel the effects of the day -. And the meeting would probably help me sleep


April 8 (two days later)

Well, the doctor was right – the energy-boosting acupuncture session was to help me. I got two great nights sleep. Not even fidget, and I feel relaxed and alert.

In the morning I went to fidget related acupuncture my meeting. Weighted me again and took my blood pressure, I was followed, as before, at the office of Dr Tosa Porn for 11am sharp. We talked about how I was feeling, and he found that all was well, he asked me to lie down – in front of mine this time. He put the needle in my back and legs, and four were returned with electrical stimulation. 20 minutes later he returned with a nurse, removed the needle and disinfect the corresponding area. Next acupuncture sessions mine is set for 11am on April 20.

April 9

Last night I went to sleep seamlessly, but woke up with mild RLS in the early hours of the morning. I’m disappointed, but I was going back to sleep right away, which is unusual. I may need multiple sessions acupuncture points. Ironically energy-boosting therapy worked better for my fidgets but the Board aims one; maybe I should focus on the former and the latter dropping. I will just have to wait and see how my next appointment goes.


I understand that Restless Leg Syndrome takes on average two years to analyze. Given this, if you have restless legs syndrome (or think you might) and are considering to see an acupuncturist, you may want to print out a clinical paper “Treatment of 49 cases of RLS of acupuncture plus acupoint Injection” published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science. Only preview site is available for free, but it can be purchased and downloaded on-line article in its entirety.

Alternatively, you can simply print out a section of acupoints (shown below) to indicate where to insert the needle. This will be especially useful if Acupuncturist is unfamiliar with the syndrome

“acupoints Yang Ling Quan (GB 34), Jinggu (BL 64). Cheng Shan (BL 57), Chengjun (BL 56) and Shangqiu (SP 5) Gansh (BL 18), Shenshu (BL 23) and Taixi (KI 3) was adopted for making the lack of liver and kidney yin; Xuehai (SP 10) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6) was passed to making cold moisture into the interior “

Finally, a word of caution :. it seems that acupuncture does not work for everyone. Indeed, according to doctor me, only 70% of patients respond to treatment. It is a pretty good average, but it still leaves a considerable 30% who do not.


Acupuncture during pregnancy


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of using small needles to stimulate specific areas or “meridians” in the body and to correct the body’s energy, or chi. Because acupuncture is particularly effective for chronic conditions, many pregnant women turn to acupuncture to provide drug-free relief from many unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

An Australian study showed that women who received acupuncture treatments regularly before their 14th week of pregnancy had less nausea and shorter bouts of morning sickness than women who did not receive treatment. Acupuncture has also been used to treat a serious condition Hyperemesis of pregnancy, causing severe vomiting that persists throughout pregnancy.

During the second trimester, acupuncture has been used to successfully treat heartburn and hemorrhoids. In the third trimester, acupuncture can provide relief from sciatica, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, many women develop late in pregnancy. Acupuncture has even been used to relieve pain during childbirth.

Pregnant women who want to use acupuncture to treat developed during pregnancy should be sure to visit a licensed and experienced acupuncturist. For example, although acupuncture can be used to treat edema or swelling of the ankles, edema can be a sign of serious problems. An acupuncturist experienced in treating pregnant women would be more likely to recognize this problem and refer the patient back to her obstetrician.

The serious risk of using acupuncture during pregnancy is that it may stimulate labor if it is improperly applied. Choose an experienced practitioner of this risk almost negligible levels. In fact, many women have turned to acupuncture to purposefully stimulate job when their child is overdue. Some women have found acupuncture induced labor is milder than from drugs like Pitocin work.

In addition to benefits during pregnancy, birth, acupuncture has been used to promote fertility and to treat infertility. In a small German study, women who used acupuncture in conjunction with IVF had a 42.5% success rate, compared with 26.3% in women who used IVF alone. Fertility experts attribute this to the overall health that comes from getting regular treatments acupuncture points.

Finally, acupuncture may have some benefits in the treatment of postpartum depression. While no study has been done to support the efficacy of acupuncture treatment of postpartum depression, anecdotal evidence shows that some women benefit from its use. Because acupuncture is not harmful interactions, it can be useful free treatment.


Acupuncture, High Cholesterol and high triglycerides


One of the most prominent health concerns in the United States today is high cholesterol. Much of the public understands high cholesterol and high triglycerides as a cardiovascular disease or health concern due to cardiovascular problems. In fact, this is actually a disease of the body’s ability to properly digest and breakdown or metabolism, lipoprotein (chains of fat and protein molecules).

These lipoproteins in the form of cholesterol and / or triglycerides, accumulate in the blood and greatly increases the risk of human cardiovascular disease.

Western medicine focuses on treating symptoms of high cholesterol to prevent heart diseases from occurring, but rarely is it to focus on the roots allowing cholesterol to build up in the first place: The weak metabolic activities of the body, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle of the patient. Rather, it relies on statin drugs that have very high potential for serious side effects while acupuncture and Chinese medicine offers the same rights without the effect of statin drugs and that without strong reactions.

Lifestyle and nutrition / diet changes can greatly reduce cholesterol, one that they can increase how’s body breaks down cholesterol itself and limiting consumption of cholesterol inducing foods

If one suffers from high cholesterol or high triglycerides they can :. Increase consumption of foods low in cholesterol, such as fresh cold water fish, apples, bananas, carrots, garlic (this is a great one to increase it is very useful for this purpose), olive oil, grape fruit (do not take if you are on a statin drug) and oat bran. Furthermore, increasing the consumption of niacin for it alone can lower cholesterol levels (see note practitioner before this), Co-Q10, the quality of EPA-DHA Omega 3 fish oil, vitamin B5, C, E, Hidrohlorna acid and lecithin are great additions to the human diet.

One must also reduce harmful cholesterol affect foods such as tobacco, sugar, greasy / fried foods, wine, beer, cheese and red meat. Along with these proposals, the National Institute of Health recommends 2 grams of plant sterols (phytosterols) per day to combat cholesterol. The plant sterols assistance in reopening the body of cholesterol in the colon for elimination from the body.

In terms of lifestyle advice, must exercise regularly to reduce cholesterol in blood vessels. Instead of grabbing high sugar drinks as soda; drinking oolong, black or green tea instead they help the body to break fat consumed. This is especially effective when drinking tea after a meal.

In addition, acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulations used in the treatment of cholesterol and high triglycerides these drugs focus on the underlying weaknesses of the patient along with signs of high cholesterol and its impact on high blood pressure, etc. Acupuncture addresses the underlying weaknesses in particular during Chinese herbal formulas have been proven to effectively target high cholesterol. 2 to 3 months of treatment with both acupuncture and Chinese herbal mixtures, patients should start to see their cholesterol levels decrease.

With a change in diet and lifestyle, along with the proper application of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulations, one must have a health benefit tools at their disposal to lower cholesterol and triglycerides them and avoid cardiovascular complications arising from such conditions

Author :.
Dr. Jon Hagen Burg, DA
Rhode Island Acupuncture and Alternative Health


Acupuncture – A Remedy for Constipation


acupuncture is an effective remedy for treating constipation. You should have a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a day. If you are not experiencing this often stools or painful passage of a hard stool, it can lead to bowel obstruction and disease. It is important to be regular through online methods such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps restore proper blood circulation, eliminate pain and balance the body. In Chinese medicine, constipation is caused by lack of spleen and stomach. It is also a result of the drought in the colon of foods that do not support the digestive process.

certain things acupuncture affect gastrointestinal motility, as a remedy for constipation. Acupuncture treatments can relax the colon, spleen and stomach to stimulate movement. In addition, herbs can be done especially constipation, which will relax stuck qi and restore intestinal function. Qi is a layer of vitality.

Acute constipation usually resolved within two acupuncture treatments and the use of herbal laxatives from the acupuncturist. Eating high fiber foods will help the success of acupuncture treatment.

What is quite useful about acupuncture is that in one sitting can treat multiple symptoms. You can get the treatment of constipation, hair loss, shoulder pain and headaches all in the same day.

In addition, acupuncture is completely safe. It has been practiced in China for more than 5,000 years. Most insurance companies now cover acupuncture treatments. It is one of the most widely used alternative therapy in the modern world.


Acupuncture – Medicine in ancient China


The history of acupuncture began 5000 years ago in ancient China. There are small, sterile needles that are different from medical needles. Ends not so strong and smooth, so as not to damage the skin. They are so thin that you just push the tissue without piercing it. Ancient Chinese acupuncture along with herbal therapy is used in the most prestigious spas today.

Best effect is achieved by a series of meetings, although improvement may occur after the first procedure. This depends on the person and his health problems.

idea of ​​acupuncture is to stimulate different parts of the body for therapeutic purposes. The usual procedure is to puncture the skin with a needle, the therapists use heat, pressure, rubbing, pulling or stimulation with electrical energy.

Over the past 40 years, acupuncture has become well known and fair treatment in developed and developing countries. Modern theory of acupuncture is based on experiments conducted over the years. Acupoints have certain electrical properties and stimulate these points right neurotransmitter substances in the body. The physiological effects of acupuncture on animals is well documented and the last 20 years has been the practice to treat health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, vomiting in chemotherapy, asthma, back pain, illness, migraines, painful menstruation. Studies have shown that acupuncture can help with drug addiction

What to expect :.

You will be amazed at how easily small needles driven. Putting them has nothing to do with beating injection. When an experienced expert put it, you will experience a very light touch or are likely to feel their location. You may feel a little warmth, pressure, or do not understand that the needle is inserted. When you first put the needle, you will know that you fear nothing

For what helps :.

It can help relieve the pain and discomfort in different situations, skin problems like rosacea, acne, allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, joint pain, arthritis, neurosis and other conditions. Needles can be placed throughout the body. Needles are placed on the face helps to balance your energy, improve muscle tone, remove bags under the eyes. In combination with herbs, healing and Oriental massage techniques, acupuncture will have a good effect on the skin

Who is suitable :.

If you are open to other drugs, and are willing to try a wide-spread not surgery to improve their health, feel free to participate in the 15 million people who try acupuncture for the first time each year.

What is not appropriate

Pregnant women should first consult a physician, this applies to each treatment and each drug. If you have problems or fear that acupuncture can affect current treatment or medication needs to be consulted in advance. If you have any doubts about the experience and expertise of a specialist acupuncture is better to stop treatment and look for another professional.


How Acupuncture Relieves sciatica


When we understand how sciatica happens, we begin to see why acupuncture is so effective in treating it. As you may know, sciatica is a symptom caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in pain down the side or back of the foot as far down as the calf or even ankle. This pressure usually comes from a combination of different factors

1) Spasms various muscles to sciatic nerve runs through the squeeze nerve (ESP the piriformis muscle) … There are also muscle spasms near the spine and increase the pressure by any bulging close disk.

2) Inflammation causes more stress and irritation of the sciatic nerve.

3). A herniated disk, osteoarthritis, or other problems with the structure of the spine, putting pressure on the nerves that come together to form the sciatic nerve.

Acupuncture is effective in solving the first two causes of sciatica. However, even when a herniated disc case, acupuncture can relieve secondary inflammation and muscle spasms, and pressure can usually be reduced enough to relieve the pain completely.

A bulging disc pressing on nerves makes nerves more sensitive. If these same nerves even more pressure from tight muscles, sciatica pain is created. Muscle tension is like “hey, that breaks the camel’s back”. So, while acupuncture can not turn a bulging disk, it can reduce pain and more importantly cervical muscles, which escalated the pressure on the nerves and create work in the first place.


Acupuncture Massage


Part 3

Acupuncture Massage.

There is a great combination of two words.

Acupuncture ancient study. It is a technology that has been done for thousands of years as part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupuncture uses the method of inserting needles into specific points (acupuncture points) in the body. Acupuncture points are located throughout the body.

There are yin and yang points throughout the body, including the hands and feet

Massage is performed applying structured pressure, tension, motion or vibration -. Manual or mechanical or electrical aids – to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints and lymphatic vessels, to achieve a positive response

A form of therapy, massage can be applied. present in the body or the legs to the whole body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain and improve circulation. Where massage is used for physical and psychological benefits, it may be termed “therapeutic massage therapy” or manipulative therapy

To summarize, Acupuncture Massage is the practice of applying structured pressure, tension, motion or vibration. -. manually or with mechanical or electrical aids to certain points on the body

Benefits of Acupuncture Massage in short are:

You are not using needles. You are applying massage to precise points to get the most benefit in the shortest time.

status Chi or Qi in some books (a term used to describe the vital energy in the body) is the very foundation of being the life and work of traditional Chinese Medicine technology.

If there are shortcomings in the Chi, there can be pain and illness.

Pain is to mean that there is a blockage or poor flow of Chi.

If there is a problem with the system or disease is present, acupuncture tries to address this by trying to change the activity of one or more systems to work.

Each acupuncture point, one way or another, are connected to every organ in the body.

Address massage at certain acupuncture points, releases blocked Chi and helps the body’s immune system to finish the job. Some acupuncture points are very easy to identify. Those are things pain (back pain, neck pain etc).

Even though there are more than 1,000 acupuncture points on the body, you do not know more than 10-20 acupuncture points to help you or members of your family with some “everyday” problems without a deep knowledge of acupuncture science.

Just keep in mind you’re always consult your doctor before doing anything yourself.

Relaxation is necessary for maximum benefit to be achieved.

The method treats the body as a whole. It works to improve the activity of several system functions that are associated with some physical organ in the body.

This is why acupuncture massage is so good for you.

You are archiving relaxation with a massage and opened Chi by massaging acupuncture points. They help to restore the body through the process of yin and yang.

It is like killing two rabbits with one shot, so to speak.

There are many ways that acupuncture massage can provide excellent results without harmful side effects of medications. In fact, in many cases, it can be safer to treat with acupuncture massage than with drugs.

In the next article, I will discuss Acupressure and Electro Acupuncture , even more advanced technology to restore the health of the body and energy and help reduce pain with modern technology .

to your health and happiness!