Acupuncture, Electro punctures & Aquapuncture – they will help arthritis my dog ​​is



Unlike conventional veterinary medicine, which is usually composed of a strong pharmaceutical chemicals, acupuncture is safer and more accurate picture of pain for dogs suffering from ailments such as allergies, hip dysplasia, paralysis, arthritis and respiratory problems.

Most people think of acupuncture as a remedy could be designed only for humans, but dogs, cats and other animals can benefit from the use of acupuncture. In fact, the Jin Dynasty period of China, about 4,500 years ago, the very first case of using acupuncture on animals was recorded.

This healing modality quickly spread and was first used by veterinarians in the United States in 1970. It evolved since aquapuncture and electropuncture.

Acupuncture involves inserting a thin needle into specific points on a dog’s body to try to relieve the pain. Acupuncture is believed to enhance and restore the natural flow of dog energy (qi) in the body. Qi energy passing along 12 meridians with each Meridian connect all the internal organs and its operating system. The thin needles are inserted at specific points along these meridians to stimulate the flow of Qi energy, which in turn used the dog’s muscular, skeletal, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

Western acupuncture experts explain that there are 365 main acupuncture points in the body to an animal are all located in small clusters of nerves and blood vessels. With the induction of these cluster level with needles physiological effects from within the body of an animal, and this helps to increase their own healing abilities occurs within their bodies.

The acupuncture helps to quickly release the neurotransmitter inside the dog’s body as endorphins, which are natural pain killers of the body, as well as small amounts of cortical Alcan anti-inflammatory steroid.

Aquapuncture is another form of acupuncture that some dog owner prefer for their dogs. It uses a syringe and needle to gently inject the solution into the acupuncture points. For quite a few days after this solution has been injected under the skin of the dog, it will continue to either stimulate or sedate the acupuncture points. The solution is usually a combination of lidocaine, saline, and vitamin B12, along with a homeopathic remedy. Aquapuncture is good for dogs with severe back or hip pain caused by vertebral spondylosis, arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Electropuncture is also an alternative to regular acupuncture. With electropuncture, electric equipment is used to stimulate acupuncture points on the body of the dog. This is done by using wires attached to acupuncture needles. A mild electrical charge is then sent to a variable frequency and needle into an acupuncture point on the dog’s body. Electropuncture is an excellent choice if your dog has severe paralysis.

Most acupuncture, aquapuncture and electropuncture treatments last between 10 seconds and 30 minutes, but it depends on the ailment that the dog is being treated. Moreover, some dogs will have 4 to 6 cycles before there will be some real improvements, though some dog owners are able to see immediate improvements in the general health of the dog’s after only one or two sessions.

Even though the above treatment will not cause your dog pain, they are time consuming and require your dog to lie still for a long time.

If you do not think your dog will be able to pass an acupuncture session, it’s too expensive or if you want to be sure you are doing everything possible to increase acupuncture, aquapuncture or electropuncture therapy dog, it is a herbal tonic that you can try is called joint resolution.

Perfect for dogs feeling discomfort of arthritis or hip dysplasia, joint resolution is an herbal combination of boswellia, devils claw and licorice work together to reduce inflammation and pain dandelion eliminate toxins from the body of the dog.

It also contains New Bio Cell Collagen Type II, which aids in building new cartilage, restorative used tissues and promotes improved joint mobility and flexibility. Joint Resolution is easy to control with a few drops of your favorite treats dog.

There are indeed many all natural and holistic remedies and treatments for pain your dog to try before you with more extreme methods like drugs and operations.


Acupuncture and Autism


Autism is on the rise worldwide, with current estimates ranging from one of a thousand to one in five hundred children affected. No one knows exactly why the numbers are going up. Old theory vaccine that causes the problem has largely been discounted, but other theories which includes viruses, antibiotics, nutrition and environmental wax and wane.

Because autism is incomprehensible and difficult problem to treat, many parents are turning to alternative therapies to try to help their children. Western orthodox approach to treating children with autism have ranged from placing them in the care of working to improve social and communication skills of. There is no ‘cure’ for autism yet, leading some parents to try alternative treatments for pain relief and possible improvements in the condition of their children. One popular method is the recent acupuncture, even though autism as defined by Western medicine is not recognized by Chinese medicine.

Reports and preliminary medical evidence shows that children with autism can benefit from acupuncture. While doctors are not expected, acupuncture seems to give symptomatic relief of children.

Though it may be a difficult experience for the child and parents at the beginning, the results seem to suggest that it is beneficial in the long term. Traditional acupuncture, the patient lay still for a long time, to tolerate intimacy of strangers and invasive cannulation, all of which may prove extremely difficult for a child, especially one on the severe end of the autistic spectrum. But Children acupuncture addresses some of these issues. Acupuncture for young children do not need them to lay still as with adults. It is just a quick prick (with super thin needles) on pressure points. Acupressure is an option for those who would prefer less invasive treatment.

study was conducted in the United States to monitor the effects of acupuncture on the brain of children with autism. The acupuncture treatment was given once every other day for four months. After acupuncture; of the 22 cases, 20 were remarkable improvement and 2 had significant brain blood flow. Before treatment were significant differences in blood flow between the left and right cerebrum and between the left and right frontal lobes, but after treatment, there was no difference between them

Preclinical studies have been conducted in Hong Kong to establish the effectiveness of tongue acupuncture – a relatively new treatment method is thought to be particularly effective for children on the autistic spectrum. Traditional acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 5000 years, but the tongue acupuncture has developed only in the last two decades.

Based on the Chinese belief that the tongue and heart are connected by meridians that spread to all the organs of the body, it is believed that the level of language affect the status of body organs and it is through this that the symptoms of autism is.

Most agree that the combined approach to diet and other treatment may offer symptomatic relief of suffering from autism, improve mood and communication skills in children. While there will always be on the scale of improvement, rather than cure.


Acupuncture, An Effective Sweating Treatment


sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition that makes people sweat more than the common average. Can acupuncture help overcome this problem? Let’s find out.

sweating can become a factor of social exclusion when sufferers become afraid of exposing themselves to public situations. So even though it is not a psychological disorder that can be the beginning of one.

There are different variations of this situation. Some suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, while others tend to have it in their hands, neck, legs and face.

Most people sweat a lot when they feel under pressure. However you should not mistake this with excessive sweating. It is perfectly normal to sweat under any circumstances and it depends on a lot of variables, including the weather and mood.

So how can you determine whether you’re really from hyperhidrosis? Well, first you should know that there are two main types of it

Secondary :. This is the type of excessive sweating caused by some other condition, such as diabetes or perhaps even stress. If this is the case you should be treating the original condition, not sweating that this is just one symptom.

if you have excessive sweating, however, you should find the appropriate treatment. I personally recommend acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy which needles are placed on accu points or meridians in the body of the patient. This has proven to be an effective treatment for pain releaf and also excessive sweating.

So if you have excessive sweating and you’re looking for an effective treatment you should at least give some consideration of acupuncture because it has helped many people to overcome their condition, resulting in better and hassle free lifestyle and improve social behavior.


Acupuncture: The Best analgesia


Acupuncture is a traditional healing practice. It is believed that this treatment originated in China. In this treatment, needles are widely used in order to provide relief from pain. This is a very effective method that is used around the world in order to provide better health standards.

This is the age-old technique of acupuncture physician puts needles in various parts of the body. These needles provide a workout on the nerves in order to provide relief from pain. These needles help to improve the body’s energy flow, thus offering better health standards.

As the philosophy of acupuncture, the body of a human being is full of energy. The body is available with energy, if properly flowing energy from one part to another part going forward. If there is any disruption in the flow of energy, it will cause illness. So, using needles, acupuncture doctors use needles.

When these needles get penetrated into the body, that help to build the flow of energy in the right way. The needles when getting penetrated, then these establish a connection between the skin and energy. This leads eventually to improve the flow of energy. This energy flow is very effective in offering perfect health standard and relief from pain.

The acupuncture doctors use this technology to provide relief from the pain of various body parts. This is a very effective analgesic technique where needles play an important role. These needles are manufactured with stainless steel. These are basically sterilized and offer no adverse effects.

These needles when getting placed in the skin, providing a feeling of tissue. This eventually leads to the flow of energy from one part of the body to another. There are several advantages associated with this healing work. First and foremost is that although it involves needles, but these doctors did not provide any harmful effects on the body.

This treatment does not involve drugs and did not show any side effects. In addition to traditional ancient healing practice is very effective in providing cure of pain.

There are various acupuncture doctors who are rendering their services. They are offering the treatment of back pain, joint pain and pain from various body parts. This treatment has the ability to provide relief from pain. If you are suffering from the pain of the body, then you must use this treatment to get better health standards.


Acupuncture Treatment – Acupuncture for occlusive


our body is a complete unit with so many platforms as circulation, digestion, excretion, nervous and skeletal work in cooperation. Although each system has a different function, they are so much related to each other that any impairment of one system can affect the working of the other. Among all the systems circulation system has a very important role as it helps in providing nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. This takes only a clean blood to tissues and carries away harmful toxins and accumulated waster from the body. If this system is disturbed for any reason, gets the whole body effect.

acupuncture treatment provides easy and simple way to make this system. According to the principle, the body has a network of channels that carry energy all along the body in the form of chi. This energy channels are termed as meridians. Any imbalance in the chi distribution is the main reason for the body of illness and disease. These imbalances may be due to physical imbalance, mental stress and poor diet. With acupuncture, needles are placed in the Meridian points to direct the flow of chi to the required areas of the body. With this, obstacles removed and traffic also increases that solve all other problems.

Poor circulation can lead to various problems ranging from cold hands and feet to harden the arteries and hypertension. Various studies have been conducted to know the role of acupuncture circulatory problems. It has been proven that it helps to increase efficiency and functional capacity of the heart. Studies have shown that 80% of angina patients improved themselves by acupuncture. Sometimes undergoes heart abnormal heart like dropped beats, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, which are also corrected by this treatment. Acupuncture is effective in giving arterial spasm especially in collateral vessels. It is useful in diseases such as Reynaud’s disease, treatment of wounds, venous stasis. Some herbal remedies are also used with this detoxifying certain compounds in the body.

This method of acupuncture is not considered safe, and sometimes inserting infected needles can lead to dangerous diseases. And some move away from it to avoid pain pointed needles. But do not worry, it’s just a little tingling sensation felt while injecting after you likes needles begin working inside. And infection problem occurs because of lack of experience acupuncturist phone. If one uses sterile needles or one time usable needles there is no worry of infection.

Western doctors have made certain changes in this acupuncture technique. Although the principle folding meridian system but they do not use needles to activate the points. Several methods as electrical impulses, temperature, magnetic radiation and laser are used especially in the part to be treated.

You can also consult on this treatment while surfing the Internet. There is no. of health care that provide their services online. You can tell them about your problem and they will point you to the appropriate acupuncture treatment according to body characteristics. After that you can also find acupuncturists near the area so that it is easy for you to understand everything. Give this strategy a chance to heal you and you will see how useful it is without side effects, and be normal and healthy.


Acupuncture – Does it Really



Does acupuncture really work?

As experts struggle from time to time with the thought that maybe, just maybe, acupuncture does not. Since this is our livelihood, thought that acupuncture can not win is a terrible thought.

Unfortunately, a lot of patients have the view that the condition of ten years standing should eliminate, at most, two treatments. I personally find this most peculiar where the same patient often only come to me after they’ve had ten unsuccessful treatments by a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

However, if we can convince the patient to continue their treatment for at least six treatments, some quite impressive results can be achieved. Sometimes, indeed, great results can be achieved in even shorter time span, but it is always good to expect that a minimum of six treatments is essential for continued relief. One of my patients came walking stick to her treatment. It seems that the situation struck out of the blue and now she could not walk unaided. She came weekly for ten treatments and after the tenth treatment she no longer needs her walking stick and was pain free.

Unfortunately, however, it is often difficult to know whether the treatment was successful or not, because patients tend to stop subsequent appointments after one session, for two reasons, either because the treatment was successful or because there was a failure in their eyes.

What patients do not realize is that acupuncture can be very subtle treatment. The effect is not necessarily obvious on the day of treatment. The treatment really can continue to be effective sometimes months after the meeting.

One patient came to me for treatment on the toe, which had been badly wounded in one year. I gave one of her treatment and made an appointment for her to return next week. The next appointment was subsequently canceled and I was told that there had been no change in her condition. Therefore, I was quite surprised when she called me six months later another agreement. When I asked her how her toe was faring, she said, exactly three weeks after her treatment she had woken up one morning and her toe was completely pain free.

One problem that all therapists seem to face every time is healing crisis. This often takes effect on the day after treatment. If the patient is very toxic situation, the healing process is a temporary increase in symptoms. This is because the body is struggling to restructure itself. Sorry healing crisis may last for several days or even weeks and may be characterized as the disease itself. Unfortunately, the expert gets the blame for giving bad treatment that the patient runs away to yet another type of therapist for relief. When healing crisis will end eventually, a new therapist must give praise.

Of course it is very difficult for the acupuncturist to explain the healing crisis is part of the cure. It looks like they are making excuses for himself.

I have sometimes seen, however, seems miraculous healing in front of my eyes.

I once received a call from a woman who told me she thought her husband had just stroke. I raced to her, needles at the ready, and I had to agree with her analysis. The right eye of her husband and the right side of his mouth was drooping. His speech was also unclear. I put a few needles in the liver and kidneys swimming in his feet, and when the last needle was placed I looked at his face. In just those few seconds his eye and mouth had returned to normal and his speech was no longer slurred.

Another miraculous cure took place when I treat the dog had not eaten in three days and where the eyes had rolled in the head, leaving only the white of his eyes visible. The dog could no longer walk and the owners had been encouraged by the vet to put it down. I used only a needle, and it was the acupuncture point on the very top of the head. The dog lay quietly for ten minutes and then got up, shook the needle out and walked over to the food bowl. It then proceeded to eat a bowl full of food and then raced out into the garden where it stood barking with joy.

These are just some examples of treatments that have been very successful for me. My suggestion is for patients to let their acupuncturist give them effective treatment. Do not expect miracles symptoms disappear in one sitting. Of course, if they do, please tell your friends!


Uses Acupuncture


Acupuncture has a history of over 2500 years and comes from China. It has now become very popular in Europe and Asia too.

Today, people are moving more from Western medicine and move increasingly to acupuncture, especially when Western medicine has no answer to medical ailments or they do not like the other options given to them that surgery or drugs or even when they have been told that nothing can be done. They turn to acupuncture for pain, chronic illness, acute injuries, for a variety of side effects brought on by other drugs for chronic conditions, cancer treatment, etc.

The main use of acupuncture today is relief from pain. For example, severe tension headaches, migraine, acute backaches, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain, trapped nerves muscle related injuries, after surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, after sports injuries, menstrual pain, tennis elbow, tooth pain, abdominal pain, arthritis pain, rheumatic pain , sciatica and frozen shoulder.

Other than pain relief, acupuncture can be used for many other ailments as well. These include:

Menopause symptoms and problems, hot flashes, endometriosis, infertility, premenstrual tension

bladder or bowel problems, such as irritable bowel and irritable bladder and urinary incontinence .. Difficulty in passing urine or painful urination , urinary tract and bladder.

Melting, which include nausea, indigestion, heartburn and diarrhea.

Respiratory problems, which include asthma, bronchitis, colds and coughs any persistent sinus problems, catarrh and tonsillitis.

Allergies and skin problems such as rhinitis, hay fever, prickly heat rash and ulcers, eczema, some types of dermatitis and psoriasis.

conditions and a mouth like a simple cataract, dry eye, conjunctivitis, retinitis and toothache, pharyngitis, dry mouth condition called xerostomia and after extraction pain.

heart problems such as poor circulation, stroke recovery, hypertension.

It also helps in situations like hiccough, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, constipation, lack of energy and chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood swings, post traumatic shock, dizziness post surgery, a communication can not be identified, Achilles tendonitis and elbow golfers.

It can also help to addiction mainly to stop smoking.

In short, acupuncture can be used for almost anything and everything – it is possible to control the pain, it helps to addiction and addiction withdrawal symptoms, it helps in improved health, it can help to recover from injury as sports injuries, it can prevent disease, strengthen the body and it is also possible to use and display the results when all other forms of therapy have failed.

Sometimes acupuncture treatment, which is to put the needle in the body, is made in relation to the other without technology, such as herbs, massage cupping, moxibusion also known as global warming, electro-stimulation and laser devices.

Generally, most respond well to acupuncture with a sense of ease and be relaxed and also be able to sleep well and the overall increase in energy levels and better digestion. Because acupuncture is treated with natural methods, people rarely suffer from any side effects. It can also be recommended for people of all ages, it is from the children even the elderly.


Acupuncture Schools – What Is the Job Outlook For Acupuncturists


If you are interested in the healing arts, and I have often thought of becoming an acupuncturist or expert make acupuncture to live, or check on the best acupuncture schools, here are some things you might want to know.

If you are not familiar with acupuncture and just getting around to doing research, acupuncture is used in a number of health issues including pain, weight loss, addiction, infertility, smoking cessation issues, face lifts, internal medicine, chronic disease, rehabilitation and prevention, and even veterinarian. Acupuncture is based on Oriental medical theory (Chinese acupuncture), inter alia, require the use of needles. As an acupuncturist you want to make a diagnosis based on an interview with the patient. You want to use this information to decide what evidence to treat. Treating these items is expected to increase the flow of energy, called Qi (pronounced Chee), throughout the body.

First of all job prospects acupuncturists has increased two-fold in recent years. More and more acupuncture is considered successful and many doctors are recommending acupuncture to their patients. This, of course, is a good sign and as time goes by it becomes even more confirmation. To get in on this ground has to be good.

Another good sign is that insurance companies have been gradually adding acupuncture to their insurance plans. So it is a good time to think about acupuncture career. General license acupuncturists can operate their own clinics or practices. But some countries still need to work under a physician acupuncturist, usually MD.

The 41 countries that recognize acupuncture and Oriental medicine when this is written, including California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts and Florida. Eight other states have introduced legislation and are waiting.

If you are wondering what you would do as an acupuncturist, a lot depends on whether you are working under MD or working in his own practice. Also if you are working for wages or salary or are self-employed. The range can be wide.

Starting salaries can be as little as $ 44,000 and can go up to $ 63,000 with only one year or less experience, depending on the situation. If you have decades of experience that it can be much higher. If you are self-employed your profits could be much higher on your cost.

At this writing there are more than 10,000 licensed acupuncturists in the United States. Many colleges and schools offering acupuncture training. Accredited acupuncture schools are located throughout the United Sates.

If you are thinking of acupuncture for a career, it is a good choice. Health market booms in good times and bad. There will always be a lot of patients who sought. Choosing a good acupuncture school and get good training. You may want to consider working for someone else first to get your feet wet before you open your own clinic or practice.


Optimal frequency acupuncture


How often one schedule acupuncture appointments? This is a question that comes up often in my clinic. In fact, the response is critical to the strength of acupuncture patient to maximize the benefits of each course of treatment. Bob Flaws in Acupuncture Today writes, “acupuncturists often say,” acupuncture! I would add: “Yes, especially if you do it often enough.” “(” Acupuncture and 50-Minute Hour, “Acupuncture Today, October 2007, Vol. 08, Issue 10)

every week, I teach one hour class for new patients coming acupuncture system of HMO I work for. I use a PowerPoint presentation to share quite a bit of information. I spend a good amount of time on the lecture on this point: the frequency proceedings outcome. Often Western patients of acupuncture mistakenly believe that they can get treatment in a haphazard fashion or infrequently and still reap much benefit from treatment. The program is convenient is not always the one that is medically effective.

I strongly encourage patients acupuncture to get their treatment done as often as possible at first, with the potential to slow down down after a while. What is enough time? The standard of care in local hospitals for treatment of chronic conditions of pain (most of which I treat the Kaiser) is daily acupuncture for a course of 10 treatments. On the outside, it is delivered every other Today and in acute cases, up to 3x daily.

first core idea of ​​making frequent acupuncture treatments is the effect of acupuncture can accumulate if it is done often enough. We want to engage this accumulative effect to make long-lasting results in patients acupuncture sites. Many times I have had patients return to my clinic and report that they received 1-2 years of relief from chronic pain condition after only 6 acupuncture sessions!

The second core idea is to participate in the accumulated effects one must avoid backsliding in pain (or other symptoms). Typical pain relief result after just one acupuncture is 1-3 days. What is typical? No! Everyone is unique. Therefore, I ask my clients to pay attention to because of them so we can find out the best frequency of treatment.

I’ll give an example. “Betty” comes in for treatment of chronic low back pain because of her spinal stenosis. She gets three days of relief following the first acupuncture treatment of her. This means that the optimal frequency of its treatment is 2 sessions per week with 3 days between treatments. If it follows the “standard” weekly treatment, she will get relief in 3 days, 4 days her pain (or other symptoms) will have a chance to get back to the original level of – or worse. Then we have to start over at square

. Allow pain people to backslide during treatment with acupuncture does not allow the patient the opportunity to build momentum for the doctors and the best result of treatment. It is my belief that failure to achieve success with acupuncture has less to do with the books practitioner’s or time with each patient and more to do with the failure to reach the correct treatment frequency.

I had the opportunity to introduce Dr Richard Tan attending the five branches University DAOM program. His opinion on this matter is that the treatment frequency is distributed differently depending on how long the patient is being treated. The first week or the first month of the course may be the every-other-day 2x / week. Then, for a week of treatment for 4 weeks. Then every other week for 8 weeks, or something along those lines. This makes sense to me because theoretically, we are successful and the patient about their relief to longer they go through treatment.

In the clinic I do not have the opportunity to treat patients in an ongoing fashion. I give a reference or two of the six sessions of acupuncture for every patient with any chronic pain problems. So for my clinical practice it is important that patients often do treatment in order to provide rapid and long-lasting relief from acupuncture mine.


Acupuncture – Acupuncture What Exercises and Diets compliment each other


Acupuncture will restore balance in the body if it is broken. It’s like a free tool for what your body may be lacking. Based on Chinese land system (which I will talk about in my next article) acupuncture is based on balance and compliment the internal organs in the body. There are 3 stages: assessment, put the needle points in the body and prescribing herbs

I went to see Dr Henry Su in Wellington last week .. I think this will be the last time I see him before I is going to live again in Israel. This time I’ve taken the process of this ancient treatment of the video and it will soon appear on my blog. I also interviewed Henry and asked him about the relationship of acupuncture and exercise. Henry says that exercise is important for the normal maintenance of the body, if you just acupuncture you will see little or no results. But if you combine this treatment with appropriate exercise and diet then you have yourself a winning combination that will be very difficult to break. This combination is perfect for your body because it provides internal organs exactly what they need. When all your internal organs function are happy, your body is happy and your mind is happy. You are a health person. . Very healthy person

here are three parts of this winning formula and why you should take at least exercise and proper diet in everyday life

  1. Acupuncture If you get sick, you go to see a Chinese doctor, he or she will make an inventory of your body. This assessment is made of three ways that all compliment each other Questions – doctor will ask you how you feel, sleep, if you have any pain, how your bowels, moods, etc. check your pulse – your doctor will check your pulse on both the left and right wrists, because each hand associated with different organs inside the body. Looking at the tongue – the tongue is a map of the body. under the color, thickness, width and how many cracks in the Chinese doctor can tell a lot about how much nutrition your body is taken from the food you eat.
  2. Exercise Doing the right exercise is important for building hormones, fight free radicals, antioxidants, creativity, heart rate training and many other important bodily functions. Exercise is also part of Chinese philosophy as it is to boast acupuncture. If you do not exercise, the Chinese needles can not keep the body healthy by itself.
  3. Diet diet one can throw the balance you might have achieved in two ways described above. If you eat a lot of junk food all the time, no other drugs or exercise in the world can keep you healthy. Proper diet is important for a healthy body and mind. I have shown in previous articles classic example of this. Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training was running on a treadmill at 11 miles per hour, which is very fast. He had another one just next to him, who ate pizza …. This was calorie competition. In 3.5 minutes Ballantyne burn about 45 calories. pizza man added 800 calories in his body. It was all stored as fat. The point is that if you eat bad, you can not bother to exercise or pursue any other drugs