Acupuncture for Eczema


How acupuncture see eczema?

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine (TCM), eczema is caused by a lack of Wei-Qi (also known as Defensive-Qi), which works to protect your body from external pathogens and has close ties with the skin. According to the theory of five elements, one of the three main theories that make up TCM, it is your lungs (capitalized here to distinguish from the lungs in scientific terms) applicable to the skin and that is responsible for health. Kidney system also plays a role in maintaining the health of the skin, the kidneys are responsible for nourishing and moistening skin.

Eczema usually starts when you’re young, and is often considered along with the development of asthma. The two main types of eczema seen is one characterized by Wind-heat (which is usually more due to lung disease deficiency) and Damp-Heat (which is related to the kidney). Note that each type of eczema includes “Heat”. This is why you will see redness and swelling of the skin. In cases Wind-Heat, the wound will dry and will move from one place to another body (moving patterns indicative of Wind in the body). In cases Damp-Heat you will see the wound fluid Ooze (hint of moisture in the body), which are often confined to specific areas of the body so that your forearms and legs.

How acupuncture treat eczema?

Treating acute case of eczema, especially one of Wind-Heat diversity, is often achieved fairly easily, which the pathogen has not had much time to settle into the body. In our society, though in most cases be treated with TCM overlook the chronic stages after other more traditional methods have been used with little or no effect. Chronic eczema cases can still be treated with acupuncture and TCM, however, although it may take several treatments, but if treated in the acute stages.

basic treatment protocol to treat eczema is to nourish the lungs and / or kidneys, but also nourishing Blood in the Wind and / or conspicuous lack of blood. Humidity will also have to resolve if applicable.

What can you do?

In terms of self-care with eczema, it is a good idea to avoid dairy products, fried foods, spicy foods, alcohol, shellfish, and also spinach and mushrooms. Protect your skin from exposure to the cold and the wind is also advisable.